Grateful Notices: All Over Sunset, Study, pastel

Updated: Jan 4


Pastel 13 3/8 x 17 7/8 Private collection, Vancouver, Canada Exhibited:Page Waterman Gallery, Wellesley, MA

A very good friend in Florida sent me a photo of a sunset through the trees while on her walk. I kept coming back to that image and finally, I gave it a shot in pastel. The trees had a nice vertical aspect and they were very close together, a great set up for a more abstracted piece. As the image progressed it became a playground for different colors. At first, it was all in warm tones and as the pastel moved forward, the blues and reds created more interest and interesting contrasts. When it was done, I wanted more of that composition so, I started a 4 x 6 canvas and it worked out to be a very successful painting. My thanks to R. who supplied the inspiration and to the collector in Vancouver that contacted me. It was very satisfying to make the sale and the conversation that followed was remarkable. Many thanks to you as well.

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