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Ken Elliott American Landscapes

Preview the book on Blurb

From the artist: Hardback version signed, w/ signed giclee print   $160

Hardback version by Blurb, book only


eBook version

Available for Amazon Kindle Fire®, Apple iOS devices, and macOS computers

"After much more effort than I ever dreamed, I've released a large format book of my works in oil, pastel, monotype, etching and collage. It is a very high-quality hardback book, 11 x 12 3/4 inches, with over 100 color pages of images from my last 25 years as an artist.

I haven't held anything back in compiling the best of my works." 

Since this is a print on-demand book, the cost to produce each copy is just over $100.


So, for those of you that want a copy at a great value, it is being offered together with a very high-quality, signed giclee print of the cover image, for a total price of the book and giclee print of $160. plus $15 shipping and packing.

The giclee image size is 11 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches with 2" white borders on heavy watercolor paper with deckled edges.

Your $175 will get you this signed book and signed giclee. Note that this giclee with the same image size, limited edition and signed version is $300 on this website. From the artist: Hardback version signed, w/ signed giclee print


If you choose to order this book without the print, Blurb will ship this book to you directly for $125. plus postage (about $10 or less). Preview and order 


Since this is an on-demand book, I have the flexibility to send you a signed copy from my studio with or without the giclee print. Also, I can highlight / feature a work of mine that you own or may wish to purchase into the book. You can have your own coffee table version just like I did.


If you are interested in a more personalized version of my book or have any questions, let me know by email and I'll quickly get back to you.

Blurb publishing has a wonderful preview of my book. Note that the preview photos are fuzzy for security purposes, and not like the actual book. Preview and order 

I do hope you enjoy the book. It has been quite the journey filling these pages.

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