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September 2020 Fine Art Newsletter

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Picasso: "The hidden harmony is better than the obvious.”  As an artist that is primarily involved with color, that statement defines a lot of what I do. While making a painting, care is given to the composition and the considerations of form and contrast to build a good work, but it is often the unusual and unexpected color combination that takes the painting further. Those combinations have to be searched for and it's a real joy to make those discoveries. I was happy to hear from the wonderful art consultant Karen Paul that the Mercantile Bank of Michigan was purchasing two of my large, limited edition giclees for their offices. It's always a pleasant thing to hear, so thank you all. Starting soon, I will begin a new commission of fields of heather. There is a very special story behind this one and I'm grateful to get this meaningful commission. Once the painting is complete, I'll share the painting and story with you.  Private classes have begun in my new Castle Rock studios for one or two-person classes during these times. Meanwhile, artists are signing up for my private, in-person lessons and the online, 4-month Art Mentoring Sessions. There are a limited number of dates available each month, so please join in soon. Feel free to contact me and start a conversation about the possibilities. I hope to hear from you soon,

Celebrating life and sending you my very best wishes,


New Works:

LAKE CALM Oil on canvas, 40 X 40 inches  $6650 framed Exhibiting: Saks Galleries, Denver, CO More about this oil / to purchase Grateful Notices: My thanks to the Mercantile Bank of Michigan and art consultant Karen Paul for placing my large, limited edition giclees on canvas: Yellows at the Creek - left, below and Colors at the Lake - next below. Not every space can allow for original oil prices and these limited edition giclees on canvas in the large sizes are a real presence in the space, even at a reduced budget.

In the Galleries: