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In he studio

$5250. framed


One of the joys of being an artist, particularly one that loves color, is the freedom to make chromatic arrangements and let the colors go where they lead.


I do like this line of trees and the arrangement is very useful for a variety of color experiments. For this oil, the idea was to create a yellow line of trees, but what of the other elements and  their contribution to the finished work? 


As this piece evolved, I put in hints of blues behind the trees to make something happen. It  created an immediate statement and it was as if the blues were insisting on more. So to make a more interesting subject, I laid in purples on the right and to create an interesting flow and separation, aquas were added at the center.


After a break of a couple of days, I was considering the idea of making this a soft, poetic piece but I pushed on with a stronger yellow for the field. Once everything was in place, it was a matter of how bright to make the oil. With each successive studio session, small accidents were added, with the sky as a combination of very pale colors. The idea was to turn the yellows loose against that bright sky and wedge the blues in between the trees and field. With that, all the colors would be at their maximum intensity, but somehow making a believable forest. 


In the end, it was a happy, yellow day in the studio.

Yellow Day, oil on canvas, 30 x 40 inches

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