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Oil on canvas, 36 x 36 inches, unframed

Exhibiting: Page + Waterman Gallery, Wellesley, MA


Also available as a giclee on canvas or paper.  Custom sizes on request.


About this oil:
This was an absolutely delicious oil to do. I was thinking of the impressionists with the thick impasto paint surface and rich color.


As simple as this oil appears, there were a number of things to work out along the way.


Once this painting began to take form, I began to add layer upon layers of paint without making the colors too bright. The sun is the brightest part and all of the slightly darker tones support that glowing disc. All the while, the cloud shapes were evolving as new colors were added and this simple design began to grow in complexity.


It was just the effect I was looking for but it required constant adjustments to the composition.


The sunset has a full-spectrum of colors and the blues and pinks were discoveries along the way, added as needed to create atmosphere. The jewel-like reds and greens were added last, providing a strong counterpoint to the hot, sunset colors.


I didn’t want to put the brush down after so many good days and hours of watching this oil evolve, but it was time to pass it on…


Sunset Impression, oil on canvas, 36 x 36 inches

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