Framed in a pure gold floater frame

Exhibiting: Page + Waterman Gallery, Wellesley, MA


The plan was to paint this sunset in an uncommon way, forget the realist aspects and use colors as I wished. It seemed easy enough and the painting did come together quickly, but I wasn't quite satisfied after I had declared it finished.

As it turned out, this oil was 'finished' two more times. I was a bit too timid the second time, so lesson learned, the third attempt began with colors pushed further and additional attention given to the edges everywhere. Last, I added more subtleties to the dark foreground and that small amount of tweaking created a surprising amount of depth.

Finally, the painting hit the mark with the high-contrasts at the bottom giving way to the paler atmosphere at the top. The effect sets up the horizontal bands with their various colors almost sings at times.

Summer Sunset, Oil on canvas, 36 x 36 inches

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