Oil on panel, 24 x 24 inches $2450 framed
Exhibiting: Saks Galleries, Denver


Years later, I revisited what was a very large Florida sunset abstract piece and came back to create this 24 x 24 inch dusk scene. Although the composition is simple, the rest of the oil is not.


This work has a number of contradictions. Care was given to create a monochromatic look, but there a great many hues in this oil. There are flattened planes of trees, sky and background but the piece has considerable depth.


The painting gave me a bit of trouble at the start because I was insisting on what it should look like. After the first session, I scraped out some of the overworked areas and it freed up more possibilities.


Humbled, my second session was for exploring and that is when the piece became more interesting. The brushwork was kept loose, allowing the lawyers of previous colors to show through. A few sessions later, the oil was complete.


After a short break, I immediately started a much larger version. I didn’t want to leave this forest right away.

Light Dialogue - Blue, oil on panel, 24 x 24 inches

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