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Exhibiting: Sorelle Gallery, Westport, Connecticut

$10500 framed


About this oil: 

There are a number of ideas at work in this oil. The first is the scale, the feeling of immersion in this forest. It is certainly the case when I’m creating a 5-foot scene of trees up close and it is all that I can see.


Also, there isn’t a break in the spacing of the trunks. In this arrangement, there is a slight change in density but the overall effect is of being in the forest and surrounded in that calm without an obvious path through. Although, and I just saw this, you could follow the golden path to the right!


There is a great deal of depth set up by the green and orange bands on the forest floor that give way to the glowing yellow-green forest beyond. As the painting developed, I was almost a spectator as the forest continued to expand outward, eventually giving way to the bits of sky at the top.


The colors are subtle, as this is a forest of many greens but the painting it is not really green. There are variations of blues and reds that are woven into the scene and they keep the green tones from shouting.


I will miss it when it leaves the studio.


Into the Green Forest, oil on canvas, 48 x 60 inches

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