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Exhibited: Saks Galleries, Denver


My sincere thanks to the CA collector of this oil.


About this oil:

After completing Yellow and Purple Movement, 48 x 48 inches, I immediately began to think of doing this composition in a new way. What resulted is this painting, Forest Revealed, as a vertical, softer version.


This is a work about contrasts and complexity. Every surface is modulated with layers of colors to add light and depth. When I began this oil, my expectations were that it would go forward in an efficient way but the opposite occurred. 


The painting went through a number of studio sessions before it was complete. All the while, I was focused on the light and dark juxtapositions and just as importantly, to keep the entire oil fresh and interesting. All of the surfaces have their own appeal, even the dark passages, a satisfying result. 


It was a pleasure to paint and observe how the artwork and the forest at last, began to reveal itself.

Forest Revealed, oil on canvas, 60 x 48 inches

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