Evening Song, Foothills
Oil on canvas, 48 x 48 inches in a pure gold float frame
Exhibiting: Gallery 89, Steamboat Springs, CO


At the end of my day in the studio, I often walk out back and see tree patterns in the large meadows near the foothills. The sun has already set and the available light changes the look of everything. I have often wanted to paint a pure arrangement, just the basic elements of that view.


This is not a portrait of that place, but an arrangement of shapes set into a pattern of soft colors. Artists realized ages ago that brushstrokes can indicate direction and the Impressionists went further, breaking up the colors in a new and magical way.

There is a bit of both here to keep things interesting, but my focus was create a simple landscape composition with aquas and blues. As the painting developed, the lighting became softer and I found myself just following along, enjoying the developing scene.

All of the sky and most of the blue hill in this finished work are from the first painting sessions and it was fascinating to observe how both areas seemed to take on a glow as the rest of the oil moved forward.

This is one of the softer, lower-intensity pieces I have ever done and I like the presence and calm it gives to the room.



It's like a whisper. 

Evening Song, Foothills

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