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Exhibited: Breckenridge Gallery, Breckenridge, CO


My thanks to the collectors of this oil.


About this oil:

I began a series of these 30 x 30 oils to explore pattern and color. Or here’s another reason, and it’s the core one, they are puzzles for my own entertainment. 


The compositions began as a series of vertical gestures for the tree placements and followed by those elegantly thin bits of horizontal vegetation. Everything is up for alteration and since there are too many trunks and leaves at the start, I use the background colors to paint out what I don’t need going forward. 


The painting is in complete flux with those shape changes and as it proceeds forward, a large range of colors come and go as well. Eventually, the painting begins to come together and develops a life of its own but it is far from finished. 


Changes in the light, color or contrast can quickly shift the look of the oil and it’s very enjoyable to experiment with the variables, making it better with every session on the easel. Gradually, the work comes together, nothing else is needed, and the result is something delightful that was seemingly made out of thin air. Or so it seems, but there is a breeze at play in this artwork and that thought led me to the title, Colors in the Breeze

Colors in the Breeze II, oil panel, 30 x 30 in.

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