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Grateful notices: Soft Light Lakeside, oil on canvas, 36 x 36 inches

Updated: May 10, 2023

My thanks to the collectors of this oil.

About this oil:

Yesterday was Easter but spring is slow to begin in Colorado and it hasn’t yet appeared but regardless, the spring colors are already seeping into my palette. It became a part of this simple design that is full of complexity and color.

I purposely painted it in a loose and expressive way, using the trees as a veil for a number of reasons. The tree trunks create contrasting darks, they carry the spring greens and pinks, as well as creating an elegant rhythm to the composition. Adding to that is a blue haze in the atmosphere, creating a soft glow in the distant hill across the lake.

It’s interesting to review the piece at this moment, because during the hours of its creation, I felt like an observer, adding and subtracting here and there and wondering what would happen next.

It really was like I was on a vacation, watching the view of the lake change from my comfortable spot and hopefully, that feeling will flow over to you.

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