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Grateful Notices: Reservoir Color, oil on canvas, 36 x 36 inches

Updated: Mar 2

Private collection, Denver

My thanks to the collectors of this oil

About this oil:

This was a very enjoyable oil to create. The basis of this piece is a highway that cut across a reservoir south of San Francisco. When I lived in California, I saw this scene many times a year and I was always attracted to these landscape and water forms.

Unfortunately, the colors weren't that interesting. All of the hills were the same color green and the water wasn't that inspiring. Years ago, I did a number of small artworks of this area and just this month I had the urge to jump back into the challenge again.

All of the colors came out to play on this oil. There are no ordinary greens, and the flat surfaces of the sky and water became opportunities or expressive color combinations and new patterns.

I worked on this canvas for a number of weeks, trying out different ideas. It took about four attempts until the land balanced out with the aquas below and the hot colors above.

I liked the flow of it and way it glowed in the studio. It’s like a smile.

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