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Grateful Notices: Out of Steamboat, oil on canvas, 36 x 60 in.

Exhibited: Saks Galleries, Denver About this oil

About this oil:

On the southern drive out of Steamboat Springs, CO, I have often caught the setting sun in a bank of clouds. The fields during the winter are covered in snow for months at a time and in high contrast. Because of the brightness, the snow doesn’t give up its color easily. Our mind says the snow is white but that’s not completely true.

There are many subtitles in these snow-covered fields and they are all opportunities for color and light-play. I purposely brought the brightness of the snow down to allow a number of other less-white colors to come into play. Since the light intensity is down a bit, the colors are more apparent and together, they create texture and a flow in the topography. When a bright note is needed, it really shines.

This work has a variety of blues to keep things interesting and to create movement. The sun was situated in the painting at the very beginning, but as it happened at the very end, considerable changes were made to the sky and sun with quick, open brushwork – a surprise ending!

Because of its scale and color combinations, I actually had the sensation of cold when I was signing this one, a happy outcome.

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