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New Work: Haze in the Forest, oil on canvas, 40 x 50 inches

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Exhibiting: Sorelle Gallery, Westport, Connecticut $9000 framed

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This predominately blue and purple forest came from the idea to set up a simple composition, the line of trees, and then to use the effects of color and light to create a view into the depth of that forest.

As it turns out, it was quite the challenge but I love working with color and it provided me with more than enough patience to bring this oil to completion… 3 times. It was the depth that kept calling me back to the “finished” oil. I could see new improvements to make each time by changing the trunks and foliage and finally, the addition of the pinks at the top and a bit more green to the top left. 

I enjoy the complexity of the trees and the play of light there, how the soft light in the sky burns out and softens the foliage at the top, and the brighter, contrasting foreground.

It came out better than the plan and I will happily take a little rest from this one!  

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