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New Work: Cool Moving Up, oil on canvas, 48 x 30 inches

Updated: Jan 9

$6400 framed

Exhibiting: Saks Galleries, Denver, CO

About this oil:

The snows are just starting to appear here in Denver. They are light and about a week apart, but in the shadows the snow lasts and it gives the landscape those softly glowing blues that influenced this painting.

My urge was to create a simple stand of trees, tall and elegant, emerging out of the blue shadows and this narrow canvas exaggerated the effect.

A number of different cool colors were used in the creation of this scene and as the forest was coming off the brush, a cold stillness was coming forth. It was a great effect but going for more, I added the bit of yellow at the top. That changed everything…

The yellows brought in more light, changed the time of day and allowed a new color, the pinks at the tree tops. Veils of cool blues flow up to the sunlit tree tops and an illusion of continual motion is created because the eye has more to see and continues to scan every part.

It was a wonder to watch it come to life.

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