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Exhibited: Saks Galleries, Denver


My thanks to the Florida collectors that purchased this and another oil.


About this oil:

Sunsets create fascinating opportunities for artists and I never tire of them. I use them to play out different color combinations and shapes without the worry of trying to represent a realistic scene.


This is a 'soft' sunset, purposely created without the usual bright contrast to indicate the sun's position. As the painting developed, a glow started to appear in some of the blue clouds along the bottom right quarter of the oil and it influenced the rest of the painting. 


The other clouds and the landscape strip along the bottom are all modulated back, using just enough contrast to hold the scene. The overarching idea here is to create a large expanse of land and sky, full of patterns, without any of them being dominant. 


It's bordering on the abstract, a serene view into the distance.

Summer Patterns, oil on canvas, 40 x 60 inches

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