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oil Sun on Snow II oil on panel 24 x 24
Ken Elliott Yellows on a Still Lake 36 x
Ken Elliott Just After the Sun Has Set o

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4 one-on-one Online Mentoring Sessions on a four month schedule that works for you

We are all looking to to improve as artists but how do we go about it?

How can we be more successful artistically and professionally?


In this 4 month mentoring course you will be given the tools for creating better artworks, opening your creativity and establishing a career focus.

These Sessions are open to all skill levels, media, and styles.

The $600 course will consist of one hour each month over 4 months on a video call. During the length of this course you will be working on your art using strategies for improvement and artistic success. 


There will be assignments each month and Ken will be working in the time between for you as well.

Ken Elliott painting lagre red oil

You will determine your goals and with Ken's help, you will have the inspiration, confidence and skills to efficiently hit the marks as a professional and successful artist

Ken Elliott Just After the Sun Has Set o

As an artist:

Setting your goals
Determining your artistic direction
Styles and motifs
Instruction and critique with works in progress
Finance and inventory control
Exhibition and gallery strategies

The course fee is paid in advance and your scheduling dates are flexible. Courses will open to a limited number of participants each month.


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What they are saying...

"I had a clue what might be in store for my friends, but it went WAY beyond. You have a real gift. FANTASTIC!!!"

"Thank you, Ken. I have to confess this is stretching my boundaries farther than they've been pushed in a long time! But I'm excited to go where I've certainly never gone before!"

"Ken Elliott is an excellent host and a very accommodating art instructor who helped me clarify my goals and improve my skills. He offered productive review, practical methods and excellent business advice. I benefitted tremendously from our class and feel confident the quality of my work has moved to another level. Thank you Ken."

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