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In the studio, framed

About this oil:

This is a composition I was immediately attracted to. It was from a photograph that I came across and a canvas was begun the next morning. The challenge was to use those three strip elements and create something interesting without losing the original simplicity.


It’s another one of those sunset challenges – make something compelling without the full orchestra fully going at it. So, subtle it will be and I decided on soft tangerine hues.


I began blocking in the canvas with loose, open strokes and allowing the green and tangerine variations to show without blending. Once the land mass was added, it became very clear that a minimum of detail would be necessary. That was a nice surprise – there was enough texture in the brushwork elsewhere to create a uniform but quiet complexity. The land mass is important, but only to serve as a break in the composition in order to set up the illusion of weight and distance.


After blocking it all in, I left it for the day and when I returned to the studio the next morning, the oil declared itself done. There was nothing left to add except a signature…a very satisfying outcome!

Tangerine Evening I, oil on canvas, 36 x 36 inches

5 700,00$Prix
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