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Many thanks to the Denver collectors that purchased this oil.


About this oil:

This is a simple landscape with a group of trees cresting at the top of a hill. It is the sort of scene that you see everywhere and it presented the challenge of how to make it more interesting.


It was a green scene with a colorful sky but not nearly enough to make a compelling painting. Every part of this scene became an opportunity for something that went beyond the source material.


The clouds were laid in at a slant to give the work a sense of motion and as an array of evening colors were applied, the clouds started to create forms of their own.


The trees and field slowly evolved into a variety of uncommon greens with engaging, darker accents. After going through number of tree combinations and corresponding field arrangements, everything was set for the application of the highlights in the clouds, the leading tree edges and that strip of bright meadow. 


The entire painting was set up to support those bright notes and care was taken so that every part of the scene, even the secondary, ‘silhouetted’ parts are interesting as well.

Silhouette, oil panel, 24 x 24 inches

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