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Oil on canvas, 36 x 36 inches

Exhibiting: Breckenridge Gallery, CO

$5700 framed


Admittedly, this began as a simple line of trees against a bright foreground, maybe in greens and maybe not. With that decided on, I jumped right in and as the painting evolved, it became clear that more complexity would yield a better painting.


I can’t remember the number of sessions it took before this was complete, but the long journey was enjoyable. Every part of this oil is charged with a variety of colors with each part contributing to a more interesting piece. 


Early on, the sky and the field were well along and the they got to look on as the forest went through all of the seasons and every color in the rainbow. After spending so much time on the oil (the heavy texture is evidence) this oil it began to feel like a living thing to me with many minds and voices. To take this oil forward successfully, it was as if a vote was taken with the group to determine what the forest would eventually become. The field was leaning to all greens and the sky adored pink and a plan was made.


Weeks and many hours later, it all came together and just before signing it, the glowing blue shadows, red trees on the left and white tree trunks requested a bit more embellishment and with that, all was well in the forest.

Green and Blue Diagonals, 36 x 36 inches

5 700,00$Prix
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