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In the studio

$4400 framed


About this oil:

I set out to do a painting with this palette in mind and after considering different landscapes, the idea of clouds was the most appealing choice and it offered the most flexibility.


The oil was first laid out with tangerine and yellow and once the shapes were roughly in place, then the fun began. What colors are needed to make the tangerine and yellow more interesting? The best way to find out is by trying out various combinations.


The exciting part is when something good and unexpected happens. Once that combination takes a spot on in the composition, it sends out a ripple, raising the bar across the canvas.


There were a number of those surprises and it resulted in the addition of layered of blues and purples at the top of the piece. Not only did they provide a nice counterpoint to the warmer colors but they also indicated atmosphere, a big improvement to the piece and something I love to do.


Creating paintings is a delightful experience, setting off on a creative journey to what often ends up being an unknown destination. If all goes well, someone will take it home and it begins another life, another journey.

Color in Motion, oil canvas, 30 x 30 in.

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