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Oil on Canvas, 30 x 48 inches

Exhibited: Sorelle Gallery, Westport, Connecticut


My sincere thanks to the purchasers of this oil.


About this oil:

It is fascinating to observe the edges of rain coming to the ground. Once I began to sketch this out on the canvas, there were some gaps in the land patterns and it struck me to turn those gaps into reflective ponds or marsh areas.


The abundance of reflective surfaces opened up the center of the painting, created more depth and made the rain effect even more pronounced. The dark areas at the top and bottom of the oil help to carry the light into the far distance. And for good measure, the strong diagonal, other cloud forms and the waterways all point to the falling rain.


It's theatre - a stage is set for the rain to make an appearance.

Rain Moving Along the Marsh, 30 x 48 inches

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