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Exhibited: Sorelle Gallery Westport, Connecticut

Private collection, CT


Many thanks to the purchaser of this oil.


About this oil:

I wanted to create a forest scene without knowing the time of day or the season. As I was laying out the composition with dark blues, the painting began to point the way to an immersive experience, a scene from inside the forest, so I followed along.


Detail was kept to a minimum but the scene looks very complex. It’s primarily two colors, blues and greens, but this forest has a secret. Any dark passage or color other than the first two produces some enchanting effects and that is where the appearance of complexity comes from. 


This was a pleasure to explore and paint and as the oil neared completion, a title began to float into my head. It had been a long day and I was working late on this piece. I thought of all of the color combinations applied to this work as the day moved from afternoon to late evening. That's when it occurred that the time was being marked by the color changes, just as it occurs in nature. 

Time Passing as Color, oil on panel, 24 x 24 inches, framed

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