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Private collection

My sincere thanks to Anne, who added it to her collection.

About this oil:

This is one of my earlier oils from 1991 when I lived on the peninsula south of San Francisco. As a new artist, I had a lot of failures and some successes artistically. This 24 x 36 oil is one of the favorable ones and for that reason I held it back in my studio all these years.


It was stored in the painting racks and I hadn’t seen it in a while. Good friends recently came by and in the course of the visit, one of them discovered this painting tucked away.


To create this oil, I made a peliminary pastel on location and fortunately, I was able to translate that fresh drawing into this 24 x 36 oil, a big canvas for me at the time! It is interesting at how a painting can bring back memories of its creation and other things associated to that time.


As with many of my oils, there was a struggle involved, but I learned a lot from this piece and I am still very happy with the clarity of it, the way the light is captured and the blues and yellows in combination. And of course, I am very pleased that is now in my friend's home.

Field from Skyline Road, oil on linen, 24 x 36 inches

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