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In the studio, framed, $4400


About this oil

Skies are something I am always willing to jump into. They are an open space where you can invite all of the colors to join in endless combinations.


There is a failed sky underneath this version. Sometimes when the colors combine, they misbehave, so to make a fresh start, I made 3 large horizontal moves to cover the canvas and reset everything. This present composition is a variation on Lynn’s Sky and from that starting point, I was free to experiment with other color combinations.


Once the cloud forms were in place, I worked to create more interest by adding patterns in the clouds and unusual colors for emphasis and surprise. Although the tones run to the hot yellows and oranges, the painting has a real sense of flow and tranquility and it was a pleasure to watch it come to life.

Evening Gift, oil on canvas, 30 x 30 inches

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