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Ken discusses Sunset Impression,
oil on canvas, 36 x 36 inches
2 minutes

Ken talks about Light Dialogue - Red, oil on canvas, 48 x 30 inches

Ken discusses his motivations as a painter and reviews some of this artworks at Saks Galleries, Denver, CO

Ken Elliott and Casey Klahn teaching 

This is a casual video with visual bits and phrases captured from our class. The video is not a tutorial, just a bit of fun. However, some good information is scattered in.


There are quotes from Picasso, Wolf Kahn and Jean Cocteau.

Many thanks for the artist and videographer, Natalie Raffield for putting this together.

Ken discusses his oil on canvas,
Evening Patterns, 60 x 60 inches.

Ken discusses his oil on canvas,
Forest Sequence I on two 48 x 60 inch canvases.

Here's a peek into Ken's Making it Fine Art Workshops. What makes it fine art? Take a look at some of the classes.

Ken explains what is behind his 24 x 24 inch oil on panel, Green Dream and the small details that brought it to life.

2 minutes

Ken talks about his 48 x 72 inch oil, Brightly Lit Woods. This is a high-key color painting in red and yellow with some interesting challenges to be solved.

2 minutes

Ken describes how the 4' x 5' oil, At the Ponds Edge, Emerging Spring evolved. This work took about a year to make as it went through a number of changes.

2 minutes

Ken discusses Blue Skyscape,
a 3 x 5 foot oil. He describes what makes this predominately blue sunset a success without the usual sunset effects and offers a strategy to keep this large painting compelling in all directions.

2 minutes 

Ken describes how he transformed an existing oil into a better one by reducing the number of elements in the painting. This is a 48 x 36 inch oil on canvas, Light Effects.

4 minutes

Ken discusses his recent oil painting, Winters Morning. This oil was created by painting over a previous  oil.

4.5 minutes 

Ken in his Colorado studio working in oil and pastel.
22 minutes 

Video credit: Tammy Brislin Productions

Video of Ken discussing Forest Light into Shade, 48 x 48 inches

3 minutes

Video of Ken creating a 40 x 40 inch oil on canvas from start to finish.

Narrating as he paints, Ken describes his methods as the painting develops.

Video credit:
Marianne Pestana Media Services 

13 minutes 

Ken working on etchings with the master printer Mark Lunning at Open Press, Denver.

8 minutes

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