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40" x 40" (42" x 42" framed). Gallery wrapped canvas framed in a pure gold floater frame.

Exhibited: Sorelle Gallery, Westport, Connecticut


The Saccades Series is something I invented for myself. It is a way to use the randomness of the forest to create abstracted patterns and color combinations without limits. In this case, there is that obvious blue trunk in the foreground, but it's not enough to create a real  focus.


The colors are arrayed in subtle ways and the light source is diffused, creating the overall effect of that soft yellow-green light enveloping everything in the background. The color palette shifted on this one numerous times but I did want the blue to be somewhat predominant.


The light changed as well, from a darker, grayer forest to one with a more intense light coming through, but that was discarded as well. The oil and I opted for the soft poetry of a forest with the soft light nearby.

Saccade XI, oil on canvas, 40 x 40 inches

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