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Signed, limited edition print with 3" white deckled borders:

7 1/2  x 11 1/4 inches $300. 14 5/8 x 22 $575. 18 3/8 x 27 5/8, $790.


No border, printed to the deckled edge:

13 1/2 x 17 inches, $425. 20 5/8 x 28, $675. and 24 3/8 x 33 5/8 $890.

Total edition of 195, plus 15 artist proofs.

Giclee print on William Turner paper

Also available on canvas and larger sizes on request.


About this work:
3 minute video of this work with Ken narrating


My first desire when beginning this oil was to create a forest scene that didn't have a high finish. That is, the brushstrokes and even the physical surface of the oil would be rough. Forests are not even, polished places and I wanted this large oil to convey a bit of that experience.In the first session when I applied all the variations of reds and oranges, it wasn't satisfactory to me.


The plan was to put in a lot of complexity right away, creating variables in color but sticking to the idea of a single sweep of red trees and make it believable. I did that, and I was underwhelmed.Peeking above the trees was an outline of far blue hills and it was lacking as well. I was too predictable. Everyday is not a happy one in the studio, but I did step up and block in a 4 x 6 foot oil, a worthy accomplishment, so I left it at that.


Looking back, what did I expect? That I would have created a really nice oil in one session?In the second session I came back fresh and simply thought about what the painting needed: Contrast.Once the dark tree trunks went in, the painting came to life.


The background colors began to sing and suddenly the painting was calling out for improvements in a number of places. I drastically cut back the amount of the blue hill that was visible and in turn, it gave the trees more prominence.


Over the next few sessions, it was a pleasure to attend to those needs and take the oil to new places. A number of 'mistakes' were made - attempts that hit a dead end, but those moves opened up new opportunities for other, better solutions.It all came down to making a good start and continuing forward in a way that would not diminish the power and spontaneity that existed at the beginning. I was committed to this single line of trees without gaps or interruptions.


This idea created a series of difficult problems across a 6 foot surface, so a lot of small strategies came into play.A considerable number of changes were made along the way but always with the idea of creating a large and compelling forest presence that is interesting across the entire canvas.

Red Progressions - Signed, limited edition giclee $300 - $890

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