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Oil on canvas, 48" x 60" Private collection

My thanks to the artist couple that purchased this work for their home. It is an great honor.


This is the third version of this scene and the largest of the group. With each oil, it was the calm of the scene that drew me in and for this version, the water is calmer and with a glassy surface.


Compositionally, this is a simple scene but regardless, each area of the image is an opportunity for something unexpected to happen.


The land masses have their own weight but there is also an ethereal quality surrounding each area and it comes from the veils of unexpected color combinations.


In the water below, I realized that the smallest ripples in the water could be used convey more colors: the aqua, blue and purple tones. Together, these color arrangements provide more chromatic interest, each area in its own way complimenting the other.


I really enjoyed visiting this waterway for a time.

Lake Palette III, Oil on canvas, 48 x 60 inches, private collection

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