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Grateful Notices: Soft Skies, oil on canvas, 20 x 60 in.

Exhibited: Page + Waterman Gallery, Wellesley, MA

Thank you to the collectors that purchased this piece.

About this oil:

This is the longest sky oil I have ever done at this point. The idea came for an earlier series of monotypes with vairous colors and intensities. Of that group, this was the most subtle and I wanted to take that idea from about 40' to 5 feet.

It is not so much a portrait of a place or clouds in time, but a purely compositional arrangement. James Whistler liked to use that work, arrangement and it's very fitting for this piece.

The colors are very subtle but they are changing from left to right and top to bottom in order to create more interest and flow and a lot of attention was given over to a sense of atmosphere, a important feature of this scene.

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