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Grateful Notices: Enriched Evening, Sunset, oil on canvas, 40 x 40 inches

Exhibited: Breckenridge Gallery, Breckenridge, CO

Thank you to the Houston couple that purchased this artwork for their second home in Breckenridge!

About this oil:

Sunsets are an opportunity to shout in color! I do like making oils of skies and I typically do them in subtle ways, exploring the color opportunities quietly.

However, when I came across this sunset photo, I wanted to see it in paint. It was started 6 months ago and came together nicely, but the composition was off, and it stayed off while other designs were worked out with that glowing sky.

I moved the smaller trees moved around and some were made taller, moving up to the top of the canvas. That is when the design began to sing, but there was more to do.

It’s a scene without a roadmap, leaving me to be the gardener of that field and working out the details for months. At the very end, a dramatic arrangement began to assemble and I found more ways to shout by adding extra lines of color below the blue hills.

As the pinks, oranges and yellows went in, the painting became the dramatic scene I set out to do. When it was complete at 8pm in the studio, a title came to mind. It had been a good day with this finish and my day was enriched.

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