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Exhibited: Saks Galleries, Denver, Colorado


My grateful thank to the purchaser of this oil.

About this oil:

Sometimes, making a canvas is a pleasure and this is one of those pieces. I do my share of driving in the Colorado winters and my attention is continually drawn to the bright and dark patterns of the landscape.


The temptation is to replicate that idea but for this oil my intention was to create a compelling, snowy landscape with variations of blue. Instead of the high-contrast approach, everything is softened and atmospheric. The light on the snow is made purposely brighter in a couple of places and it carries the eye outward. 


There is much to see compositionally and to create more interest, hundreds of trees are represented here in groups and individually, each represented to create a variety of looks and colors. 


The trees, hills and snow make a calming combination of complexity and simplicity.

Winter Overlook, 36 x 36 inches

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