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Pastel on Sanded Paper, 12" x 18" (framed 19" x 26") duplex fabric mat and framed in a pure gold frame. Wired and ready to hang.

Exhibited: Sorelle Gallery, Westport, Connecticut


This is all about a singular color and how to keep it interesting. I don't typically work monochromatically but the idea was to catch the greens lit up by a setting sun.

Everything was kept a bit rough at the edges so that the extra detail would add to the complexity. As the pastel progressed, the contrasting colors away from the sun looked best as red-browns and blue-greens. The harmonies were kept tight by using a minimum about of brights and darks.

I'm thinking all the pieces worked together successfully because my eye keeps circling around the pastel, taking it all in.

Last Colors, pastel, 18 x 12 inches, private collection

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