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Signed, limited edition giclee with 3" deckle border:

11 1/4 x 11 1/4 inches $300. 22 x 22 $575. 27 5/8 x 27 5/8, $790.


No border, printed to the deckled edge:

17 1/4 x 17 1/4 inches, $400. 28 x 28, $675. and 33 5/8 x 22 5/8, $890.

Total edition of 195, plus 15 artist proofs.Giclee print on William Turner paper.


Also available on canvas and larger sizes on request.


I'm using a softer palette here with the colors greyed down a bit. The idea is to make a simple composition using trees to move the reds into the blues and it takes hundreds of brushstrokes and many strategic moves to make it happen. Since the color is modulated down, a bit of purer reds and blues really sing against the background.

About this image:
When painting, the works are  continually in need if one is paying attention, so this simple composition became a lengthy dialog.

This finished work is an abstracted row of trees with the colors and darks at the edge of being too much. There is a power and calm in holding that line successfully, making the art more compelling.

Edge of the Woods, Autumn - Signed, limited edition giclee $300 - $890

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