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Exhibiting:  Madelyn Jordan Fine Art, Scarsdale, NY

$5700 framed


This is the fourth version of Colors in the Breeze. Like Monet and others before, many painters have motifs, arrangements that they return to for various reasons. With this oil, I started a new combination of colors and added a multi-colored background beneath the sky and set them both aglow.


This painting took about four sessions and in each one, great care was made to keep the painting fresh and elegant. I became a painter and a choreographer of trees in a dance with their many-hued costumes and like children, they need to be attended to so they don’t wander all over the stage.


It is magical to watch the painting progress as the trees and leaves become more defined while being enveloped in colored air. When the oil is complete and if all goes well, the oil seems effortless and full of life, with organization in the chaos, yielding an art object that didn’t exist until now.

Colors in the Breeze IV, oil on canvas, 36 x 36 inches

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