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3-Day Intensive Advanced Strategies Workshop with Ken Elliott. Three immersive days / $590 per person


Fri - Sun, July 29 - 31, 2022

Fri - Sat, 9:30 - 4 pm

Sunday evening after break, Photoshop Tools 4:30 - 6 pm


Castle Rock, CO (Denver Metro)

574 Wenlock Ct. Castle Rock, CO 80104  map

Open to artists at all skill levels and media

An indoor, fully immersive, three-day workshop

Limited to 6 artists, $590.

Contact Ken to register / questions / info

303-995-1611  email


View the workshop video


Ken will discuss strategies for creating better artworks with a variety of common and creative tools. The workshop will focus on concepts for making better starts, compelling artworks, going to new places in your work, and how to make fine art. They will use informative videos and pass on strategies, some not the literature, but handed down from the very best teachers.


Together, they will be going deeper into the how-to of making more appealing artworks with a variety of ideas and tools. ​After the day's sessions, the group is invited to further discussions and dinner.


After the Sunday session, Ken will present Photoshop techniques for taking your works to the next level and creating better pathways for finishing your artworks. You will be given a simplified Photoshop guide and have access to a large photo file of over 2000 inspiring artworks.


Ken will demonstrate painting using oil and pastels, if requested.In addition to making art works, Ken will talk about business and promotion, necessary tools for success in the marketplace.

There will be serious discussions, laughs, and your questions with more continuing after class hours. We will all come away with new tools to take your art to the next level. Ample time will be given to live problem solving, daily critiques and creative options.

3-Day Intensive Workshop with Ken Elliott and Paula Hansen Castle Rock, CO (Denv

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