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Signed, limited edition, signed giclee with 3" white deckled borders:

11 1/4 X 17 inches, $325. 15 1/4 X 23, $575. and 24 x 40 $890.


No border, printed to the deckled edge:

17 1/4 x 23 inches, $425. 21 1/4 x 29, $675. and 30 x 46 $990.

Total edition of 195, plus 15 artist proofs.

Giclee print on William Turner paper

Also available on canvas and larger sizes on request.

About this artwork:

This is my most colorful version of the foothills nearby. After getting halfway into this 5 foot canvas and the complexities of the sky, I decided to start a smaller version on panel. Going back to the larger oil, I went another direction with the land mass, adding considerably more detail and brighter colors to the sky and the foothills. As the painting developed, I pushed the brights, setting up more contrast and drama.

Trees in Shadow - Signed, limited edition giclee $325 - $990

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