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Oil on panel, 24 x 24 inches, framed

Exhibited: Dominique Boisjoli Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM

Private collection


My thanks to the new owner of this oil...


About this oil:
Out in nature, we are surrounded in beauty and for many of us, inspiration. There are the broad, epic landscapes and those perfect compositions that artists will spend a lot of time searching for. I was among those searching for years and finally, I began to see more.


That’s when I discovered wonderful compositions presenting themselves almost everywhere. The arrangements were always available but found in the smaller places.


This is certainly not the epic landscape but it is a familiar one. This vignette of a forest contains endless possibilities of interpretation and as an artist, I took on the task to create something beyond nature, more striking and beautiful.


Much has been brought into play here with abundant and richer colors set off by the deep, delicate darks. All of the natural details are here, but slightly modified and heightened. The result is an artwork full of life and even in this small scale, a true sense of place.


Found Colors at the Snows Edge, oil on panel, 24 x 24 inches

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